Friday, 21 January 2011

It’s time to prepare to move again ...

Welcome to my new blog!
I’ve been having ‘itching feet’ for some time, so now things need to be put into action: experiencing London at its best before relocating to Sydney, Australia.
You can read more about me in the ‘Meet Geli’ section, but right now here’s a bit of a summary:
I was born in Germany a very long time ago, lived there until my early twenties (in the early 70’s), then moved to live in London, after a few years I moved to Holland for a couple of years, back to London, then lived in Hong Kong for seven years, back to London, and now making plans to move to Sydney.
My son, Titus, and his beautiful wife, Rose are residents in Sydney for some time now. I’ve been saying to them, “no grandkids till I arrive at OZ, please” LOL. I love my ‘kids’ dearly, but I am not one of those mums that would sit on their door step! Rather, I am starting to create my own life in OZ by already, ahead of time, making friends with those who are there or are in the process of moving there, too.
Apart from looking forward to making new friends, I am looking for those who would graciously share their experiences and wisdom, their humour and their stories, and their advice.
I need to know soooo much in terms of migration requirements, and every bit of advice from my readers and new friends is much appreciated! I will be going in on a parent migration route, being sponsored by my kids. I am not planning to use immigration agents, but rather do the process myself. I am also planning to visit them on a tourist visa before the resident visa is granted.
Meanwhile, I want to also really re-experience the London I fell in love with so many decades ago. It’s funny, when you actually live in a place, it tends to lose the magic after a while, especially if you’re a mum with two growing kids, having been a university student in town, then build own consultancy / coaching business, and generally just drive from the supermarket to home, and from home to the supermarket .... you know what I mean!!
So, this blog will be a mixture of my preparation to move to OZ, as well as taking some time to be the London tourist again, but more from exploring the unusual sites here.
Looking forward to connecting with you and befriending you!

Location:Church Path,Brent,United Kingdom


Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I love this post-- now can you convince MY mom to move here?

Geli said...

Hey there, Florida Girl!

Thank you for your kind comment! Why don't you connect me with your mom, and maybe I can inspire her.

For certain I am NOT going to miss out on future grandkids!!

I love your blogs and enjoy looking at the adventures of your two gorgeous boys. It would tear my heart out if I could not be close up to them as a grnadmother to watch them grow.

I know I have to still overcome huge hurdles getting to OZ, but I am determined!!

So, yeah, if you like connect me with your mom.