Meet Geli

Hello, Geli here.

Nice to meet you! I started this Blog in early 2011, with the intention to journal the process of relocating from London, UK to living in Sydney.

Currently, I am still in London. However the plan is still to move down-under!

Also, since then there has been a precious addition to the family, little Quentin Miles has arrived September 23rd, 2012

Well, here’s some stuff about me:

Titus and Rose in Sydney
I’m a proud mother of Titus and his beautiful wife Rose - they live in Sydney - and Charis, my gorgeous daughter, who at this moment lives in Geneva, Switzerland.

Professionally, I am a holistic psychologist and energy therapist in private praxis. - Essensual Wellbeing

 I’m also big time into essential oils, massage, aromatherapy, kinesiology, reflexology, and intuitive healing touch. I have dedicated an entire website to my passion of essential oils, especially the outstanding YoungLiving Essential Oils: Essensual Living at 

 I am also a relationship psychologist, strategic intervention couples coach, sexuality educator, and pleasure lifestyle coach. Well, I am also a Christian ordained minister. Here’s the website I am creating for my international services: “Journey Of Intimacy”.

I love being a hobby chef with my family style food and recipe site: “Geli Heimann’s Kitchen”.

OK that then brings me to my story of being a nomad and planning to migrate again.

I am a German, born and raised in Germany, and lived there till my early 20’s, which was in the early 70’s. I guess, once I moved out of my parental home, initially into university student accommodation, I started wanting to live in different parts of the world. I had applied for a university academic exchange year in the USA but then was given that year in the UK. That year became two years, and then I moved over to Holland for a couple of years, then back to England, followed by seven glorious years in Hong Kong where my gorgeous daughter, Charis, was born, then moved back to London, and now I am preparing to head towards Sydney.

I have always been able to make a place my own and make new friends. My mantra is, there are no strangers in my life, just friends I have not met yet.

In other words, I love making new friends and enjoy the friends that have joined me on my life path, so far!
Before leaving London for OZ, I am planning to re-visit the London I came to love .... meaning, I’ll actually go into town to spend as much time as possible before making Sydney my own.

I’d love it if you dear reader would join me, virtually, as a friend on this journey to OZ,