Friday, 21 January 2011

Obtaining the Contributory Parent (Migrant) visa to Australia

This is the information I received. Any further info and advice will be really appreciated!

The Fees will cover the following:
·          Medical check fees;
·          Police check fees;
·          DIAC fees;
·          Assurance of Support Fee (Bond)

The Various Stages

First stage verification

Your application will be looked at in detail to establish whether you will qualify for an Australian visa and if there is any risk of failure.  Particular attention will be paid to your work history, Australian family ties (if applicable) and any pertinent health or character issues.

Second stage verification
Your application will be assessed in compliance with the MARA Code of Conduct, the 1994 Migration Regulations for your visa sub-class and the Migration Act 1958.  
During the next 2 months you will need to collect various documentation, completing forms, writing statutory declarations and any other supporting documentation that is deemed necessary to satisfy the legislative requirements for your visa.

After 2 Months  - DIAC Application will be Review and Lodged

Once your application is deemed complete there needs to be a final review of the application. 
On the day your visa application is submitted, the following payment is required.

·          Payment of the DIAC application fee of 1,735.00

DIAC is taking about 20 to 24 months at present to process your application and during that time you will need to liaise directly with DIAC and deal with any requests and issues that may arise.

You’ll need to find resources and information on relocation topics such as shipping , currency transfers , banking , drivers licences etc

MONTH 20- DIAC health & character checks requested

We advise that you only arrange your medical (Budget £150 to £200 pp) , and police checks (Budget £35 pp), once DIAC has requested them.  We recommend that you budget £100.00 - £200.00 per person for these.

MONTH 22- DIAC Assurance of Support Bond Requested

Only once the health and character checks have cleared there are no other reasons preventing the visa from being granted, and the will the bond be requested.  At that point you will need to give your sponsor instructions on how to lodge the bond. If you are giving your sponsor the bond money then you will help you arrange to transfer the money to the sponsor.

The sponsor will lodge a bond of AUD$10,000 

MONTH 23- DIAC Final Visa Charge Requested

Once the bond has be lodged, DIAC will request the final application change. 
At that point you will make the final visa payment of:
·          If one applicant the payment will be  37,965.00

Once DIAC have received the final payments you will be notified that the visa has been granted. At that point you will need to send your passport to the Australian High Commission so that a visa label can be put in. This normally takes about 5 days.
You are then free to move to Australia!


 Question: should I get this or any other Migration Guide books? If yes, please recommend.


Kirst said...

Congratulations on deciding to move to Australia! Although I can not compare living here to any other country, I'm sure you'll love it. I have been to some very unfortunate countries in my line of work (I'm a Soldier in the Australian Army), coming home to Australia is always extremely wonderful. Love your blog. I will follow for sure! :-)

Geli said...

Thank you Kirsty, I visited your blog and love it! Really enjoyed reading around.

All the best in your awesome work as a soldier.

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